PhotoBox and LinguistNow®


PhotoBox is Europe’s leading personalized product and photo print company with a presence in nineteen countries. With each of their products, the company’s goal is capturing, preserving and sharing the most important personalized moments in a customer’s life. They pride themselves on being able to provide good quality service to all of their customers, no matter the country or language, but were seeking to increase their capabilities with a solution that would integrate seamlessly into their existing service strategy and platform.

LinguistNow Response allows PhotoBox to set itself apart from other companies that also offer multilingual customer support.


The seamless integration of the employees’ processes and customers’ experience without any negative effects is part of the challenge of adding new tools to a company’s existing technology.

When customer support agents were on holiday or sick leave, PhotoBox was faced with the challenge of responding to customer queries in their native languages. They were forced to either request overtime from outsourced suppliers or respond to customers in a second language.

PhotoBox reached out to traditional translation suppliers, but none could adequately provide support for all of their customers’ languages and the company was faced with figuring out how to input translations into its existing platform

“When LinguistNow came up as an option and was explored, it seemed to tick off a couple of boxes straight away in that it supported all of the languages that we support and had a solution that tied into Oracle Service Cloud,” said Chris Gallimore, Customer Support Operations Manager, PhotoBox.

“During the 2014 Christmas peak, PhotoBox received more than 1,000 emails that LinguistNow was able to handle. With LinguistNow, we were able to respond to those emails very quickly without any delays, which had a positive effect on customer satisfaction”


PhotoBox and Language I/O began a partnership that guarantees the same high-quality service that customers expect from PhotoBox and also handles customer emails for PhotoBox employees to have a back-up solution while on vacation or out sick. The stress of agents returning to a backlog of messages was eliminated.

“For sickness it’s been a lifesaver,” said Chris. “We’ve been able to hit more SLAs when we do have sickness, because we are able to respond to customers in their native language. For holidays, it’s really helped us as a business – more from the human perspective in that we’re able to be more flexible with our staff, as we now have a tool which can help replace their input, but with the key thing being that it’s not Google Translate that hits the final customer, it’s human translation, which is the part that I really, really, really value to make it that smooth, natural conversation.”

LinguistNow Response easily fits into Oracle Service Cloud, combining both machine and rapid human translation to allow support agents of any language to respond to customer emails quickly and in their preferred language. Together, PhotoBox and Language I/O are able to successfully support customers in eleven languages. When a support agent responsible for one specific language is unavailable, another agent is able to easily service his or her customers in their language, in just a few clicks, via the LinguistNow tool.