About Us

Language I/O is a women-owned software company. We provide a suite of products that allows support teams from all over the world to communicate with customers in any language. By embedding our suite of products, LinguistNow, in two of the largest customer relationship management systems (CRMs) — Salesforce and Oracle — our customers can seamlessly communicate with clients in any language.

Now more than ever it’s imperative that companies provide multi-lingual support. A study published in Forbes noted that the biggest challenges faced by companies as they launch into foreign markets is providing consistent customer service in multiple languages. This directly impacts bottom line as 74 percent of customers are more likely to purchase a company’s products if that company can provide support in their language.

By using machine and human translations, LinguistNow products give support teams the ability to communicate with customers in any language over email with a simple click of a button. We also automate the translation process for frequently asked questions (FAQs) and will soon offer automated translations for chat and social communications.

Support teams love LinguistNow because it’s easy to use and efficient. Our clients love us because we save them time, money, and customer relationships. Just take a look at these testimonials from LinkedIn, SurveyMonkey and Shutterstock

If you want to save time, money and improve your customer experience, contact us today to sign up for a pilot.  

Meet the Management Team

heather_shoemaker_wyoming.jpgHeather Morgan Shoemaker

Managing Partner

Favorite Quote: "As soon as you're sure you're right, there's no point in your being here." -Neal Stephenson, Anathem

Heather has worked in a variety of corporate environments as a software developer, technical consultant, product manager and vp of engineering. Before co-founding Language I/O, Heather was director of product management and globalization for a component of Pearson Education online. While at Pearson, Heather and her team built a new generation, online college education platform, which was launched globally.

Prior to that, Heather was part owner of Lingoport, a Boulder, Colo.-based software internationalization firm. At Lingoport, Heather built a development team from the ground up, launched a new product and managed numerous Fortune 500 clients. She also worked with Kaarina for the first time, forging a friendship and business relationship that would lead to the creation of Language I/O.

Heather holds a Masters of Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder College of Engineering as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies form the University of Washington in Seattle. She has lived in various parts of the United States and Mexico and speaks English and Spanish. 


Kaarina Kvaavik

Managing Partner

“There is a linear relationship between pain and learning.” — Birger Kvaavik

Kaarina has been in the high-tech and language industries for more than 20 years. She managed business development, sales, marketing, operations and personnel at regional and corporate levels for private and publicly traded corporations including Digital Equipment, Dragon Systems and PC DOCS.

Before co-founding Language I/O, Kaarina was an owner of ABLE Innovations, where she was responsible for sales, marketing and partnership activities. At ABLE, Kaarina increased yearly revenues for both existing and new clients, developed and nurtured partnerships that were instrumental in securing new clients and ensured ABLE’s position as a technologically savvy localization services provider.

Kaarina has also held executive management positions with VistaTEC, Lingoport and SDL. While at VistaTEC, which is an Irish company, Kaarina grew business in the Northeast U.S. from $300,000 to an excess of $2.5 million. At Lingoport (where Heather and Kaarina first worked together) Kaarina was a member of the executive management team responsible for expanding worldwide business development and partnerships.

Kaarina has a multi-cultural background that began with her Swedish upbringing. She speaks five languages and has an excellent understanding of cultural differences and nuances.


L.jpgLucia Kash 

Director of Business Development

“Every failure brings with it the seed of an equivalent advantage.” — Napoleon Hill

Lucia Kash has more than two decades of experience working in localization, globalization, international business and management consulting. Her range of expertise and knowledge of global cultures has influenced her role as business development director for Language I/O. Lucia’s unwavering resolve has helped generate a steady annual revenue increase for Language I/O and solid client pipeline while exponentially increasing sales revenues annually.

Prior to joining Language I/O, Lucia was a business development manager for ABLE Innovations. In this role, she managed the company’s sales accounts, ranging from small companies to large corporations, steadily increasing revenues 30 percent annually. During Lucia’s tenure at ABLE, she also worked in project management, vendor management and business development.

Lucia is an Italy native and speaks four languages. She has lived and worked in several countries and has a deep knowledge of world cultures, which has contributed to her understanding of international markets.