Brave Praises Language I/O’s Non-Silicon Valley Approach to Customer Service

August 8, 2019

download.pngPrivate secure browser, Brave, started looking for multilingual customer support providers that could not only providing outstanding support within Zendesk, but would also provide customer service that was a bit more personal than the Silicon Valley approach to customer service. 

After six months of using Google Translate to help its customer service agents communicate with non-English speaking customers, Brave’s head of customer service knew it was time to find a new solution.

“We were sick of copying and pasting content into Google Translate, getting horribly quality translations and then having to copy and paste the content back into our customer relationship management (CRM) system,” said the Brave employee responsible for bringing Language I/O and Brave together. “That method took a lot of time especially because we have a lot of multilingual users.” 

As one of the web’s fastest growing private browsers, Brave agents were supporting customers in various languages including Japanese and Indonesian without having any native speakers help with the translations. This was extremely ineffective, which is why Brave decided to reach out to Language I/O.

“We get a few thousand tickets a month and about thirty-to-forty percent of them are from multilingual users,” the Brave representative said. “We had to come up with a better solution.” 

Language I/O immediately got to work building a ticket translation for Zendesk solution that would work well for Brave. Brave appreciated Language I/O’s rapid response time and willingness to build a custom solution for Brave.

“We had some initial issues with the Zendesk configuration because Brave is a private browser, but we literally reached out to the Language I/O development team and they whipped together a solution in a matter of hours,” the Brave representative said. “I’m not used to getting that kind of service in the Bay Area.”

From the get-go, Brave was impressed with the quality of Language I/O’s translations, which use a unique combination of professional human translation and machine translation. 

“We also love the fact that we can go into a Zendesk ticket and with one click and get a translation,” the representative said. “It saves so much time.”

Thanks to Language I/O’s technology, Brave doesn’t have any current plans to hire additional multilingual customer service agents. 

“We love the technology. We don’t even have to think about it.”

As one of the Internet’s most secure browsers, Language I/O’s approach to security was critical to Brave. 

“Our security team did a full review and Language I/O was a perfect match for us,” the representative said. “In addition to the attention paid to security, I also want to stress the excellent customer service that Language I/O provides. We love working with Language I/O and we love their solution. We would recommend Language I/O to anyone needing translations for Zendesk without hesitation.”