Hiring a Front Range-Based Marketing Intern

January 22, 2020

international-conference-1597531__340.jpgInterested in joining a growing, dynamic, tech-based (SaaS) start-up? You’re in luck! We’re looking to hire a Fort Collins, Colo.-based marketing intern who loves technology, is eager to learn and can wear multiple hats. 

In a nutshell, we develop translation software that works within customer relationship management (CRM) systems such as Salesforce Service Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud and Zendesk. We have products that automate translation of customer support content such as tickets, articles, chats and social messages. We use a unique combination of professional human translation and machine translation to translate customer support content in more than 150 languages. 

This paid position requires ten hours of work a week. This is not a remote position. The intern must be able to spend ten hours working with the marketing manager, who is based in Fort Collins, each week. 

As a marketing intern, you will be responsible for working with the marketing manager to support company-wide marketing initiatives. Responsibilities include: 

  • Distributing and updating marketing materials
  • Updating our Hubspot database
  • Learning, expanding and eventually managing our social media presence
  • Working with Google Ads
  • Managing Google Alerts to support social and blog content
  • Researching and evaluating competitor marketing and digital content
  • Participating in a website overhaul
  • Participating in industry webinars
  • Providing recommendations regarding personal marketing campaigns for our customers, who are largely Fortune 500 and Fortune 1000 companies
  • Working on specific projects and campaigns within Hubspot
  • Creating social media ads to drive brand recognition 
  • Updating surveys and collecting survey analytics within SurveyMonkey
  • Pulling customer data from Hubspot
  • Assisting with whitepaper and press release research 
  • Helping develop internal policies, procedures and other internal communication efforts
  • Using a research tool to help the sales team research and generate new leads
  • Researching conference attendees, conference opportunities and conference giveaways
  • Giving reports about what our customers are doing and how we might help them
  • Perform basic updates to marketing materials and website



Those who wish to apply for this position should be:

  • Passionate about marketing and have a background in marketing, communications, or journalism
  • Eager to learn and adopt new technology (we are a tech company and use a lot of technology ourselves internally)
  • Interested in customer service, translation, localization and international business
  • Competitive and driven to achieve goals
  • Articulate and poised with a clear and concise spoken and written communication style
  • Actively interested in opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and deepen customer relationships
  • Coachable, flexible, adaptive, and resilient
  • Excellent at using Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Wordpress, etc. 

If you're interested in applying, please send a cover letter and resume to