Language I/O Welcomes New Director of Product to Help with Product Expansions

January 2, 2020

10366154_10100273431343196_3631045848909067832_n.jpgMultilingual customer support provider, Language I/O, welcomed product manager Helen Gurina to its growing team on Dec. 9, 2019.

As director of product, Gurina will help prioritize customer needs for new features, drive product releases and improve communication between the development and marketing sides of Language I/O.

Gurina, who is a Dartmouth College graduate, came into product management after starting her career in management consulting. She now has over a decade of experience in software development, primarily as a product manager in early stage startups in the education and financial fields. 

“I came into product management organically as I was helping a software development company get their products to new markets and customers,” Gurina said. “I always enjoyed writing software and found that I really enjoyed bridging the gap between user needs and engineering requirements. It was satisfying at the end of the day to produce tangible things that helped people in their professional and academic lives. I found that I really liked product management and have been working as a product manager for the last ten years.”

Whether Gurina is writing code or managing product releases, she has an affinity for startups.

“I love the fast pace of start-ups and the order that product management can bring to that chaos,” Gurina said. “It makes the whole team more efficient by facilitating communication between engineering, sales and company leadership. Most importantly, it ensures that user needs are met effectively and as quickly as possible for a small team.” 

In 2013, Gurina moved from New York City to Jackson Hole, Wyo., where she worked remotely for Viridis Learning, an education software start-up. 

“That’s how I met Heather,” Gurina said about Language I/O Co-CEO Heather Morgan Shoemaker, who was in Jackson Hole in spring 2019 talking to investors.

“It was really cool to meet an innovative tech company right here in Wyoming that was quietly solving localization and machine learning challenges away from the Bay Area spotlight,” Gurina said. “The space that Language I/O is in—language and translation—is very interesting. The product is incredibly valuable and the industry has a lot of interesting problems to solve.”

Gurina speaks Spanish and Russian and is originally from St. Petersburg, Russia. She grew up in Vermont, loves the outdoors and spends significant time skiing, mountain biking and hiking with her adorable dog, Rhaegar.