New Sales Hires Position Language I/O for Growth

June 4, 2019

connect-20333__340.jpgLanguage I/O has hired a vice president of Sales and a new sales executive in an effort to accommodate the growth that’s projected for 2019.

“We knew that 2019 was going to be a big year for us,” said Language I/O Co-CEO Kaarina Kvaavik. “Not only are we adding products like Zendesk Chat, but we’re also adding additional CRM platform support and we need more staff to help grow both. We were very strategic in our hiring process and believe that we have chosen two outstanding sales representatives who will continue to expand our business.”

In February 2019, multilingual customer service software provide Language I/O hired Sales Executive Chloe Muller. In May, seasoned sales professional Jim Kearney was added to the team.

“While hiring people who fit our company culture is extremely important to us, we also wanted to expand our sales team before we found ourselves in the midst of conference season,” Kvaavik said. 

Language I/O was recently nominated a Customer Contact Week (CCW) “Disruptive Technology of the Year” finalist. Winners will be announced during the CCW’s June conference. The Language I/O team will also be attending TAUS, several Zendesk Relate events, Dreamforce and additional industry conferences. 

However, until those events begin, please welcome Jim Kearney and Chloe Muller to the Language I/O sales team.

jkearney headshot linkedin.jpgJim Kearney, vice president of Sales

In the 1980s, fresh out of college with an undergraduate degree in marketing, Jim Kearney took a job with Dell EMC where he excelled in the tech sales space, selling memory and disk drives to Fortune 1000 companies.

“My dad said, ‘your lowest grades in college were in computers,’” Kearney said. “My dad was great with tech and couldn’t believe I’d gotten the job.”

After a few years with EMC, Jim joined Entex Information Systems where he sold desktops and portable computers that weighed a slight thirty pounds before finding his way to Elcom. At the time, Elcom was a software startup with about forty employees. 

“In about three years we went from about zero in revenue to about $454 million in revenue,” Kearney said. “Because it was a startup, we all wore many hats, obviously. But, the job was more interesting and more dynamic than jobs I’d had with larger companies. So many changes take place in a startup as you grow and I really like that.” 

When Kearney left Elcom, he joined a friend and former colleague at Winning, Inc., a sales management and training company that succeeded in developing and selling its own sales methodology. 

“Language I/O came to me through a colleague who said that the management was very strong and that the company has legs,” Kearney said. “One of the missing components in customer support is that things can get lost in translation. The impact Language I/O’s technology can have in an industry that’s just maturing is huge.”

Kearney will oversee the Language I/O sales team and work with its sales professionals to implement new sales strategies. He will also manage enterprise clients. 

Kearney’s free time is spent with his three kids. He is also a deacon in the Catholic Church and recently received his master’s in theology.

Chloe Muller, sales executiveChloe.jpg

After receiving her undergraduate degree in public relations, Chloe Muller took some time off to raise her two children. 

“When I started thinking about going back to school for a master’s, I knew I needed a better foundation of general business knowledge that I was lacking from my undergraduate studies,” Muller said. “If you don’t understand how a business works, it’s really difficult to develop any sort of marketing or PR strategy for the business.” 

While in graduate school, Muller was offered a graduate assistantship with the University of Wyoming Athletics. For several years, Muller organized the fundraising element of University of Wyoming Athletics helping to bring roughly $3.2 million annually to the organization. 

After graduation, one of Muller’s instructors, who also happens to be a Language I/O Advisory Board member, suggested Muller check out Language I/O.

“I absolutely loved Language I/O, it’s mission and the potential it has to transform the translation and localization industry,” Muller said. 

Muller’s focus is growing Language I/O’s Zendesk customer base. Language I/O added Zendesk to its platforms—the others are Salesforce and Oracle—in November 2018. 

In her free time, Muller spends time with her two young children, who she loves to take camping, and her cat and dog.