What Does It Mean to be a Techie?

October 3, 2018

glitch_portrait.jpgOn National Techies Day 2017, we defined the antithesis of a techie. This year, we turn to one of our favorite techies, Language I/O Software Developer Alanna Larson, for a true definition of what it means to be a modern day techie. 

Q. Hey Alanna. Tell us a little bit about what you do for multilingual customer service provider, Language I/O.

A. I develop our add-ins for Oracle Service Cloud and support clients who use Oracle Service Cloud. I'm also working on some machine learning research and development.

Q. What technical elements do you like about your job?

A. Software development is a great blend of logic and creativity. You have to be able to break a problem down and understand all of its parts in order to come up with a good solution. Basically, you're just solving big open-ended puzzles all day!

Q. Finish this sentence. The public defines “techie” as ______ but really it means _______.

A. Some people use "techie" to mean people who spend a lot of money buying every new gadget that comes out. I think it’s less about what you buy and more about the mindset of wanting to tinker: wanting to play with things, take them apart, understand how they work, fix them, and sometimes even break them!ai_artist.png

Q. What tech thing do you geek out on? Please explain what this is and why it’s so special…in layman’s terms.

A. I'm really interested in how we can use technology to make art. I like to make digital paintings and glitch-ify photos. I even made an AI that will generate a mini painting when you give it a genre. Basically, the algorithm looked at 100,000 pieces of famous art, organized by subject matter (landscape, portraits, etc.) and tried to find the patterns in each. Then it creates an image using those patterns. The results are simultaneously fascinating and terrifying!

Thanks Alanna! By the way, the super cool art pieces shown here were developed by Ms. Larson.