Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why should my company provide multichannel multilingual customer support? 

Your customers are “virtually” everywhere. As a result, they expect omnichannel, multilingual customer support meaning they want to read self-help articles and receive support on their favorite social media channels, via email and over chat. They want to access help wherever they spend their time and they change where they spend their time constantly. 

Our software allows your company to communicate with customers in their own language across any channel. It makes every communication personal and when customers feel things are getting personal in a positive way, they react favorably. 


Q. How does a combination of machine and human translation improve translation quality?

If you’ve ever used Google Translate, you know how tricky translation can be. Machines simply cannot pick up every nuance of language the way human translators can. Human translations fill the gaps in machine translations, some of which can be Grand Canyon in size. Human translation considers meaning and the local nuances of a language that machine translation just can’t touch. 

So why not use human translations for every communication? Because human translation and  only  human translation is costly. It’s costly and it takes longer. Using a smart and unique combination of human and machine translation gives you the quality you need, when you need it, at a price you’re willing to pay. It’s a win-win!  


Q. How does Language I/O software save on support costs?

By essentially giving English-speaking customer service representatives the ability to communicate in any language at any time, we give our clients 150 languages for the price of one. Because of this, our clients either don’t need to add multilingual customer service representatives or they are able to add them at a much slower rate. This reduces support staff, infrastructure and managerial costs.

Depending on how many languages our clients need to speak, we can often cut monthly support costs by half. The volume of savings, of course, depends on numerous variables such as volume of incidents in that language, existing support staff costs and type of translations needed (machine versus human).

By giving you a one-click solution to translate your knowledgebase content into pretty much any language, you’re able to let your customers help themselves. It’s what they want, especially if it’s in their own language. Did you know that 74 percent of customers will buy more if support is provided in their own language? So, not only do you save money because your customers can help themselves instead of using the more expensive channels like email or chat, you also guarantee that they will come back, buy more and also recommend you to their friends. 


Q. Can you provide global support through chat, case and article translation 24/7/365?

We sure can! Not only that, but as you grow we grow seamlessly next to you. It’s a side-by-side partnership and we’re in it for the long haul.  


Q. How long does it take to receive translations for chat, email and articles?

Translation time depends on whether the customer is using case, chat, or article translation and whether those translations are machine or professional human translations. Machine translation turnaround is instantaneous. Turnaround for human professional translation for tickets is often around 30 minutes or less. For some obscure languages (say, Icelandic in the middle of the night in July) translation time may be longer. For article/knowledge base translation, where most of our customers want human professional translation, the turnaround time depends on how much content is pushed through. Generally, this type of content does not have the immediate turnaround requirement like chat or email, for example, but it does require the highest level of quality. This means human professional translation, which takes a bit longer.


Q. How is Language I/O different from its competitors? 

Where do we start? 

  • Our translations are fast, accurate and cost effective. In fact, there are no other products in the market that successfully combine human and machine translation within customer relationship management (CRM) platforms such as Salesforce, Oracle and Zendesk

  • We understand the critical nature of customer service and how it has become the new marketing and revenue generator for many companies. So, our software automatically includes: 

    • Failover mechanism so that your customers will never be without service 

    • Language detection. Don’t know what language your customer is communicating in? Don’t worry, we do! We've got you covered! 

    • Seamless switching between professional human translation and machine translation or quality without breaking the bank

    • Teachable machine translation engines. Not happy with the quality out of the box? No worries. Let’s teach the translation engine about your industry and your specific terminology. That way you get the best of both worlds – cheap machine translation that’s specific for your environment

  • We’re a women owned tech company. And the owners really know their stuff. Twenty-five plus years of solid experience in three really important areas: Technology, language and customer service. You can’t beat that!