Hiring an East Coast Sales/Account Executive to Expand Customer Base

декабря 5, 2019

heather_kaarina_lucia.jpgInterested in joining a growing, dynamic, tech-based (SaaS) start-up? You’re in luck! We’re looking to hire an East Coast-based entrepreneurial account/sales executive who loves technology, is eager to learn and can wear multiple hats. 

So what do we do? In a nutshell, we develop translation software that works within customer relationship management (CRM) systems such as Salesforce Service Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud and Zendesk. We have products that automate translation of customer support content such as tickets, articles, chats and social messages. We use a unique combination of professional human translation and machine translation to translate customer support content in more than 150 languages. 

As a sales/account executive, you’ll be responsible for driving the sales process with prospective customers as well as expanding existing accounts. You will work closely with our prospects and customers to understand their business objectives and act as their trusted advisor for using our products and services most effectively. Generally, our customers are Fortune 500 and Fortune 1,000 companies. Their objectives are twofold: One, increase CSAT scores by providing multilingual support and two, provide multilingual customer support without hiring additional support staff.   

If you enjoy working with customers globally, from a variety of industries in a rapidly changing environment, then join us! We’ve created our own unique ecosystem at our headquarters in Wyoming (we know, it’s unusual) and are expecting substantial growth in 2020. That being said, we’re still small enough to be agile. Every one of our employees is hungry, coachable and thrilled to be in a start-up environment. Every one of them has a fair amount of autonomy and every one of them knows that we respect new ideas and perspectives. 

While we are headquartered in Wyoming, we do have a Salem, Massachusetts office. If you’re the one who joins our team, you’ll be expected to travel to that office several times a week. Other work will be done remotely so you must be a self-starter. As we become more comfortable with you, expect to join us at national conferences. To avoid putting the cart before the horse, let’s take a look at job responsibilities and requirements. 


  • Independent lead generation 
  • Drive revenue through proactive outreach to leads and existing customers
  • Keep records of all leads, opportunities and communications in our CRM
  • Setup and run meetings, product demos and presentations for potential customers
  • Educate prospects on the advantages/requirements of multilingual customer service and the value of our products
  • Provide recommendations based on a company’s business needs and usage patterns
  • Drive multiple prospects simultaneously through various stages of the buying cycle
  • Serve as the voice of the customer and collect feedback to drive continuous improvement across all areas including product development
  • Liaise with partner representatives to develop relationships to establish introductions to their customers 
  • Actively participate in pertinent online forums / discussion groups
  • Interact with all teams in the company on a daily basis


  • Previous inbound/outbound sales experience in a start-up environment, preferably SaaS and/or CRM
  • Eager to learn and adopt new technology (we are a tech company and use a lot of technology ourselves internally)
  • You have a consistent track record of identifying customer needs and successfully implementing solutions
  • Interest in translation, localization and international business
  • You are competitive and driven to achieve goals
  • You are articulate and poised with a clear and concise spoken and written communication style
  • You take an active interest in opportunities to increase customer satisfaction and deepen customer relationships
  • You are coachable, flexible, adaptive, and resilient
  • Excellent at using Excel, Word, PowerPoint, etc. 
  • Quick to pick up and efficiently use software in general
  • Basic understanding of customers’ local (geographical) culture, preferred language and communication style
  • Excellent general computer skills

If you're interested in applying, please send a cover letter and resume to