Headed to TAUS, the Language Industry’s Top Conference, Who’s Joining Us?

мая 16, 2019

abstract-1278017__340.jpgJune 27 to June 28 multilingual customer support software provider Language I/O will be in Las Vegas at the TAUS conference, the localization industry’s top event. 

“We are thrilled to be exhibiting at TAUS,” said Language I/O Co-CEO Heather Morgan Shoemaker. “We are obsessed with improving our machine translation partnerships and internal machine learning technologies to ensure that our customers are communicating with their customers using the highest quality translations available at that moment for the requested language and content type. This year, we are going into TAUS as one of the Customer Contact Week’s (CCW) ‘Disruptive Technology of the Year’ finalists, a huge honor that showcases the technology we’ve developed.” 

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‘Disruptive Technology of the Year’ finalists must show that they provide a disruptive solution to a modern challenge by replacing a process or technology with a more innovative, efficient solution. Language I/O’s unique combination of professional human translations and machine translation does just that.

“Our entire team works hard to ensure our technology focuses on solving one problem: How to help customer service teams improve turn-around time, handling time, occupancy rate, net promoter score (NPS) and other specific customer service industry measurements by providing omnichannel, high quality translations,” Shoemaker said. “We hope to share our technology with the leaders in the localization industry at TAUS.”

Language I/O’s software suite works inside major customer relationship management (CRM) systems including Zendesk, Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and Oracle and offers email, article and chat translations. Key features include:

  • Enforcing brand nomenclature and terminology – and the preferred translations - on top of any of the neural machine translation engines that integrate with Language I/O 
  • Connecting with numerous machine translation engines to ensure customers receive the best translations for their industry and the specific language pairs
  • Having a translation failover mechanism 
  • Detecting and encrypting personal data embedded in chats to ensure privacy
  • Seamless switching between professional human translation and machine translation or quality without breaking the bank
  • Language detection 

For more information about Language I/O products, click here. If you’re attending TAUS, stop by booth ten or book a meeting with us here