Language I/O’s Year in Review

января 10, 2019

wine-1796891__340.jpgAs a provider of multilingual customer support you might think that for Language I/O owners Heather Morgan Shoemaker and Kaarina Kvaavik, the end of 2018 would have been a bunch of cheers, saluds and Skåls, but it wasn’t. While there may have been a few of these toasts or variations of them, there was also a lot of pinching. As in, wow look at everything Language I/O accomplished this year. 2018 was a great year for Language I/O and its clients. In fact, there was such a flurry of new clients signing on at the end of 2018 that Shoemaker and Kvaavik almost missed New Year’s.  

In no particular order, these are just some of Language I/O’s 2018 accomplishments:

The Launch of Multilingual Customer Service Chat

One of the most effective ways to provide outstanding customer service, as you know, is to meet customers in the channels where they prefer to communicate with you. This is why in the spring of 2018, Language I/O released Language I/O Chat for Salesforce and Oracle Service Cloud, a live chat application that integrates with the CRM to help monolingual customer support agents immediately resolve customer issues in more than 150 languages.

Since live chat generates the highest customer satisfaction with 73 percent satisfaction compared to other platforms, Language I/O customers were thrilled to add multilingual chat to their omnichannel solutions.

Added Zendesk to Its List of Supported Platforms

When one of Language I/O’s customers asked for Language I/O to create a Zendesk solution, that’s exactly what Language I/O did. In the fall of 2018, Language I/O officially added Zendesk to its supported platforms. Now, along with Salesforce and Oracle, customer service agents can provide multilingual customer support via email, chat, or article translations within Zendesk. 

Became GDPR Compliant

There was never a doubt that Language I/O would become EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant. The designation ensures that Language I/O maintains the highest security standards for all of its clients, which has always been Language I/O’s intention from its inception.

GDPR compliance went into effect May 25, 2018.

Expanded Its Headquarters and Joined an Incubator

In terms of expansion, 2018 was a great year for Language I/O. Not only did staff move into a larger headquarters fairly close to Language I/O’s previous headquarters, but the team also joined a University of Wyoming business incubator

By agreeing to be part of the Wyoming Technology & Business Center (WTBC) in Laramie, Language I/O has committed to creating a machine learning program for UW researchers and computer science student interns. Expect to hear more about this development later this year.

Was Nominated a Top Company to Work for and Won a Cybersecurity Award

While Shoemaker and Kvaavik may have been surprised by Language I/O’s nomination as one of the best places to work in Wyoming in 2018, its employees were not. The nomination was supported by the Wyoming Business Report

In addition to that nomination, Language I/O was a 2018 Cybersecurity Competition for Small Business winner. The winners were announced on October 18 at the Wyoming Business Report’s Cybersecurity Symposium in Laramie. 

While it would be silly to spoil 2019 by sharing all planned product rollouts, rest assured that 2019 will be even better for Language I/O, its customers and multilingual customer service than 2018!