Which Multilingual Customer Service Solution Is Right for You?

сентября 28, 2017

Your company’s growing, your customers need help, you know there’s dozens of multilingual customer service solutions out there, but how do you choose the right one?

We live in the customer service space and we understand how overwhelming the options can be, which is why we’ve put together a list of things to consider when researching multilingual customer service solutions.   

Don’t skimp on customer support

You’re reading an article about how to improve you company’s customer service engine so you probably get this however, we can’t impress the importance of customer service enough. While customer service driven return on investment (ROI) varies from company to company, a Harvard study shows that “customers who had the best past experiences spend 140 percent more compared to those who had the poorest past experiences.” 

study done by Bain & CO shows that “10 percent of the customers you already have will result in a 30 percent increase in the value of your company.” This makes sense. Keeping customers instead of finding new ones saves on marketing costs.

So when customers feel taken care of, they take care of you by spending more money. By providing outstanding customer support, you can keep the customers you already have. But you know this.

Consider Your CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRMs) platforms are a critical asset for any business looking to understand its customers. CRMs uncover customer purchasing habits and preferences, profile customers for better marketing and improve customer service and marketing. 

Full disclosure: We work with two of the largest CRMs – Salesforce and Oracle. We partner with CRM providers because CRMs are critical tools for improving your relationship with your customers.  

Think globally

You don’t have to go global in terms of opening international locations to actually “go global.” The nature of the digital transformation that connects us means we’re all global whether we’re world travelers or homebodies. 

Not only do US companies have foreign language speaking clients living within the states, they have them outside as well. When considering your customer service needs, think about all of your demographics and how the customer support solutions you choose will impact them.  

Prepare for growth

We’ve never met a CEO or entrepreneur who doesn’t want to grow. Finding and implementing the right customer service solutions means choosing one that can grow with you. It means finding one that constantly looks for innovative solutions. It means one that is focused on real-time solutions. It means finding one that will relentlessly compete to improve. 

Consider how consumers communicate

Far too many businesses don’t attempt to understand how their customers communicate. Often times, those that do still fail to meet those customers on their preferred communication channels. 

Even if 10 percent of your customers prefer to communicate by chat, find a solution that allows that 10 percent to have the customer service experience they want over the channel they prefer.

If your solution doesn’t reach your customers where they already are, it’s not a solution. It’s a part of the problem.

Choose a solution that can grow with you

Not all customer service solutions are the same. Some solutions are status quo solutions. In other words, they prefer sticking with what they know to searching for new solutions and staying on top of trends. You want to grow, choose a customer service provider that can grow with you. 

If you have any questions about comprehensive, omnichannel multilingual customer support, please feel free to contact us here.