Multilingual Customer Support Software Provider Translates Website Into Simplified Chinese

июля 25, 2019

the-great-wall-2190047__340.jpgChinese speaking companies looking for a way to provide multilingual customer support to their customers can now view Language I/O and its chat, article and email translation solutions for Zendesk, Salesforce and Oracle in simplified Chinese. They simply have to click the Chinese flag on the Language I/O website

“With Chinese being far and away the most spoken language in the world, we wanted to be able to offer our services to Chinese-speaking customers,” said Co-CEO Heather Morgan Shoemaker. “Translating our site into simplified Chinese is also a way to show why customers like LinkedIn, Shutterstock and PhotoBox value the accuracy of our translations.” 

Language I/O uses a unique combination of professional human translation and multiple, neural machine translation solutions to help its customers provide multilingual customer support to their customers in more than 150 languages. The software that Language I/O developed based on this unique approach to translation is why Customer Contact Week (CCW) Vegas, one of the customer service industry’s leading conferences, named Language I/O one of its “Distinctive Technology of the Year” finalists. 

Specifically, Language I/O’s software suite: 

  • For chats and emails, dynamically detects the incoming language and chooses the neural machine translation solution that will provide the most accurate translation
  • Is GDPR compliant and provides stringent security controls protect personal data
  • Allows customers to develop a company- or industry-specific glossary so those words and phrases are translated correctly every time regardless of whether it is a machine translation engine or human linguist that translates the content
  • Uses professional pre-translated standard texts, quick texts and macros to minimize costs
  • Allows companies to decide how much of the information provided by the customer is to be translated
  • Provides state-of-the-art translation workflows for automated, professional human translation of articles authored inside the CRM 

To understand why Chinese translations are so complicated, read this article written by one of our team members, Robert Liu. 

Language I/O is a women-owned, Wyoming-based software development company that offers a unique combination of professional human translation and machine translation for email, article and chat translation. Language I/O solutions plug into CRMs like Salesforce Service Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud and Zendesk and support translation for more than 100 languages. For more information about Language I/O or its services, click here.