Tongue Tied Translation: How Not Being Pregnant Can be Embarrassing

февраля 14, 2019

knight-3435033__340.jpgSometimes the Language I/O blog tries to explain why translation is so difficult. Late last year, we explained that when it’s time for a translation simplified Chinese is anything but simple.

Today, we’re turning to Richard Hale, president of Tongue Tied, a UK-based translation company, to explain what role “false friends” play in translation challenges.  

Anyone who knows another language will have experienced the dreaded false friend! These are words that are spelt or sound the same in your native language, but actually have a different meaning.

We’ve put together some classic examples of false friends that always catch English speakers out…

Screen Shot 2019-02-14 at 12.12.37 PM.png

Thank you Richard!

Readers, can you think of any more of these deceitful devils? Let us know! Leave a comment.