Free Multilingual Customer Support for Two Weeks

十一月 7, 2017

amazing-736885__480.jpgSee what it’s like to have multilingual customer support for two weeks on us. Language I/O is offering a two-week pilot to Salesforce Service Cloud and Oracle Service Cloud users interested in allowing their customer service agents to communicate with customers in any language.

Language I/O software plugs right into both Oracle and Salesforce customer relationship management (CRMs) systems. This allows customer service agents to translate customer inquiries with a click of a button. We offer chat translation, email translation and article translation.  

Our products allow you to:

  • • Provide consistent customer support across languages
  • • Automate the translation of self-help articles, support emails and chat
  • • Allow support agents to communicate in the customers’ preferred languages, even if the agent doesn’t speak that language
  • • Lower global customer support costs
  • • Adhere to SLAs anywhere in the world
  • • Seamlessly integrate into the Salesforce or Oracle CRM environment, without disrupting your existing workflow

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