Happy National Customer Service Week!

十月 6, 2016


Customer service delivery has drastically changed in the last ten years with the advent of chat, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and bots. While the way we deliver customer service is ever changing, customers still want the same thing. They want service and they want to know that when they have a problem, it’s going to get resolved.

With all the real time tweeting and direct access to companies at all hours from anywhere in the world, the challenge in delivering quality customer service is two fold. One, how do companies deliver service to their customers when they need it? Two, how do they speak to customers in languages that vary from English to French to Japanese?

Our translation software meets customers where they are and allows customer service reps to speak their customers’ languages—all of them. Here’s how we’re helping companies not only help their customers, but also save on customer service expenses.

1. We Let Clients Help Customers Where They Are

Whether your customers are sending a chat from a phone or a complaint from a computer, we’ve got you covered. Our software sits inside of customer service agents’ client relationship management (CRM) systems. As soon as the agent gets an email or a chat, they hit a button, which triggers a machine and/or human translation response. 

2. We Let Customers Help Themselves

You may have noticed that many of your customers have no patience to call, email, or chat. They want their question answered and they want it answered NOW. We love this quick fix mentality because it drives customers to frequently asked question (FAQ) pages. When these pages are translated well, it frees up your customer service agents for other things.

3. We’re Part of the Marketing Team

Ask any marketing team that’s tried to translate a campaign verbatim from English to any other language—French, German, Spanish, Chinese—how well it’s worked. Chances are, not very. Not only are the technical elements of translation a challenge, the meanings and nuances that change with each translation can significantly influence the meaning of a campaign. Human translators know this, machines don’t. This is why a translation solution that supports both human and machine translation is highly valuable to marketing teams.

4. We’re Multichannel

Two cheers for consolidation! With our bilingual customer software, your agents only have to go inside the CRM they already use to answer queries that are coming at them from multiple communication methods. It's a CRM integration that's fast, easy and consolidated. 

5. We’re Not Bots

Nothing against bots, but our software keeps the personalization in customer service. Our software allows agents to write a personalized response to each customer. That response is then translated and sent back to the customer. 

6. One Software, One Team

Because our software is scalable, it often allows companies to opt out of adding multilingual customer support agents as they add customer support services in additional languages. Our software is scalable so it allows you to expand your team without actually adding bodies to the call center.

We love customer service week. It gives us a minute to reflect on and appreciate our customers. For more information about our software, click here