How Language I/O Makes Life Easier for Customer Service Agents

五月 17, 2017


We’ve talked a lot about how Language I/O improves customer service, makes customers happier and saves companies money, but what about those all important customer service agents? We do a lot for them, too. We just haven’t talked about it. 

Specifically, we help customer service agents multitask, have a more seamless workday experience, boost their confidence, improve their performance and increase CSAT scores.

We Make Multitasking Easy

Back in the day when calling was the only way to get in touch with customer service agents, single channel options—the phone—were all agents had. Today, customers want to be heard via text, chat, social and email and companies are listening. Our software suite, Language I/O meets customers where they are so agents can easily multitask like mad. Our chat translator, email translator and article translator lets them chat, email and send support articles to help customers that need it on all platforms. 

We Make Support Seamless

For us, success means that both the experiences for the end user and the customer service agent must be exceptional. Our products, which operate within Salesforce and Oracle, are at agents’ fingers 24/7/365 turning them into polyglots in a matter of seconds. For them, communication with customers in any language is completely effortless. 

Our products keep agents from jumping between screens, scouring the Internet for possible translations and feeling uncertain when they get queries in unknown languages.

We Build Confidence

How do customer service agents feel when a language barrier prevents them from helping a customer? Not great. We remove the complication of a language barrier while providing time savings like high quality pre-translated content (auto responders, templates, canned text etc.).

We Improve Their Job Performance

Our products help increase occupancy rates and reduce handling times, which customer service agents and their managers love. Additionally, the monthly usage reports provide information such as repetitive content that can be turned into templates and reused. Customer queries can also be used to create self-help articles and specific trends based on customer locale. This and other collated information helps improve agent performance, which makes everyone happy—the customer, the agent and the company.

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