How Language I/O Saves on Support Costs with Standard Text

三月 29, 2018

woman-3261425__340-1.jpgLanguage I/O is in the business of saving companies money on multilingual customer support which is why it never reinvents the wheel or charges customers multiple times for something that’s already been done.

There’s some redundancy to the questions support agents are asked to answer. How do I reset my password? I can’t find my username, can you help? How do I pay online? When a question is asked over and over again, the company using Oracle Service Cloud as its CRM, can create a standard text template to avoid having agents repeat the answer over and over again. Language I/O can translate standard text into over 150 languages to use it exactly the same way as the English standard text, saving both time and money. When the agent uses pre-translated standard text entries as a response, there is no translation cost associated with it. 

Once these templates have been created, the customer service agent looking for a translation of a common question actually bypasses Language I/O to get the answer. Effectively, Language I/O is so concerned with saving customers money that its developed a tool that encourages them to circumvent its clever tool.

This feature saves companies thousands of dollars, increases customer satisfaction and gets rid of redundancies. 

Interested in saving money on multilingual customer service?

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