Join Our Multilingual Customer Support Webinar with LinkedIn and iRobot

六月 26, 2015


We are looking forward to our upcoming webinar where two of our customers will share how they use Language I/O technology and Oracle Service Cloud to support their worldwide clients.

Please join us for this free 60-minute session on Wednesday, July 29th at 11am Eastern, 8am Pacific, and 4pm GMT.

Our co-founder Kaarina Kvaavik will be leading the discussion with LinkedIn’s Josh Larson and iRobot’s Matt Cooper. Josh and Matt will share how they use Language I/O inside the Oracle Service Cloud environment to simplify processes, reduce costs, and support more markets.

Both speakers will share their companies’ multilingual support strategies, what life was like both before implementation and after, and how the product operates in their work environment. Kaarina will give a brief company and product overview and help answer any questions that may come up.

Please join us for an educational hour-long session on Language I/O and multilingual customer support!