LinguistNow Response on the Salesforce App Exchange

六月 23, 2016

callhelp-ln.pngImagine the perfect support agent. This person is knowledgeable, helpful, and speaks five, ten, or twelve languages to effectively communicate with your customers. In a world that is growing smaller every day through technology, this too, is possible.

To help celebrate the fact that our translation product, LinguistNow Response, is now on the Salesforce AppExchange, we’ve developed a thirty second video to help your customer services agent understand exactly how they can communicate with customers whose language they do not speak - directly inside of Salesforce.

LinguistNow Response helps businesses speak their customers’ languages with the help of human and machine translation with the click of a button. Businesses can start using LinguistNow Response for only $75 a month. LinguistNow Response has saved our customers such as SurveyMonkey, LinkedIn, PhotoBox, and Shutterstock more than 40 percent on call center costs!

For more information about using LinguistNow Response, contact us here. For more information about multilingual customer support, click here.

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