LinkedIn and iRobot Show How Language I/O Improves CSAT Scores and Lowers Multilingual Support Costs

九月 25, 2015

direction.pngForbes Magazine recently reported that the #1 challenge for companies going global is to provide a consistent customer experience in multiple languages. Customer experience is key today, and providing it in the customer’s own language is imperative.

Because it’s a revenue generator, it’s a cost reducer, and it’s a marketing tool…  

Recently LinkedIn and iRobot demonstrated how use of our product, which translates communications using CRM integration, helped them solve this #1 globalization challenge.  

Both iRobot and LinkedIn struggled with providing multilingual content for their customers, in one case for the company’s online knowledge base, the other for customer support emails. In this recent webinar presented by Oracle, both companies showed how easy it is to use Language I/O directly within their CRM environment and how they are now providing a consistent customer experience in many different languages.


Matt Cooper, a global customer experience manager at iRobot, shared his before and after story for the robotics company. Before hooking up with Language I/O, iRobot's online knowledge base only provided four languages. They also struggled with: 

  • translation turnaround times of more than 30 days when content needed to be updated
  • a central glossary of terms
  • poor customer satisfaction (CSAT) scores due to slow service

The multilingual support demands were only going to increase, so Matt and his team used Language I/O Help to reduce their process from 14 steps to 4 steps with turnaround times down to as little as 48 hours. iRobot now supports 9 languages with plans to add more. And CSAT scores are up because their non-English speaking customers are able to find what they need themselves without having to contact the company.

Here’s Matt showing a brief demo of just how simple it is to translate and update content using Language I/O Help.

3d2006d974442cd2a9cd6436f93fd48f_f119.pngJosh Larson is the senior manager for Global Customer Operations Technical Systems at LinkedIn and his issue was with providing customer support via email in multiple languages. LinkedIn had these problems while trying to support 24 languages:

  • huge support email backlogs when native-speaking agents weren't available to respond quickly
  • lower CSAT scores (up to 3 points lower than English language CSAT in some cases)
  • and staff costs that were two-to-four times higher due to the difficulty in finding qualified multilingual employees and the need to hire multiple agents to handle round-the-clock support and time off

Today, LinkedIn has Language I/O Response installed directly inside the company’s Oracle Service Cloud platform's Incident Workspace. It enables them to provide consistent support across all 24 languages. The result is:

  • higher CSAT scores - nearly equal to those for English language support
  • costs lowered to only 1.3 to 1.5 times that of English language support
  • significantly lower support staff demands

Take a look below and watch Josh receive an email inquiry in Spanish, then translate and respond to it in Spanish ... without speaking a bit of Spanish himself. 

Learn more about our free two-week Pilot Program where your company can experience the impact that Language I/O will have on your multilingual customer support needs.  Or give us a call at 781-990-1282 to speak with our team.