Success Story: Cable ONE


Cable ONE is an all-inclusive provider of cable TV, Internet and phone services. The company’s mission is to simplify customers’ lives. Cable ONE services are available across 19 different states with each branch putting a strong emphasis on being a part of its local community.

“If I could somehow globally thank Language I/O for making this Spanish site launch so seamless and flawless…” We think you just did. Thank you Cable ONE!



Cable ONE realized recently that it was completely missing the opportunity to engage with its local, Spanish speaking communities. It was a huge opportunity given that 80 percent of the population in some communities is primarily Spanish-speaking. Cable ONE had no means of reaching out to this market in a personal and positive way. At least not without spending a lot of money. Lacking the bandwidth within its sales and marketing organization to engage with this audience, and with only a handful of bilingual call center agents, Cable ONE decided that the only affordable route to engage with the Spanish-speaking community was to provide its online, self-help articles in Spanish. Self-help articles would provide substantial support to its Spanish-speaking customer base, as well as allow Cable ONE to reach potential new customers. Unfortunately, after several interactions with traditional translation firms, the translation of this content was looking like a multi-year project.

“Installation of the bolts on the product was flawless, like I didn’t even know it happened. I woke up one morning came to work one day, and there was a translate button. It’s totally flawless.”


With its English support site already deployed through the Oracle Service Cloud platform, Cable ONE wanted to provide that same support site in Spanish to show its customers how much it valued their business. Through a mutual contact, the company was introduced to Language I/O and its solution, Language I/O Help for Oracle Service Cloud. Instead of having to manually export each support article for translation and then import the Spanish version – also manually -- Language I/O Help could completely automate and streamline the translation and export/import process.

After a flawless Language I/O integration, and no translation errors identified to date, Cable ONE implicitly trusts Language I/O. The Language I/O tool translates and publishes the Spanish articles for Cable ONE, freeing up time on Cable ONE’s side and ensuring that its Spanish-speaking customers receive up-to-date information as quickly as possible. When new English support content is published, Language I/O automatically pushes that same content in Spanish to their Spanish-speaking audience in a matter of days.