Language I/O Offers Party Bag, Not Conference Swag, at Oracle Customer Service Event

April 12, 2017

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It took the Language I/O team all of four seconds to think about what it didn’t want in its giveaway bag at the Oracle Modern Customer Experience conference in Las Vegas April 24 to April 27. Instead of pens, zip drives and those squishy handheld stress balls, Language I/O will give out Amazon Echos, cell phone chargers and cell phone wallet cases. 

“We love going to this conference and just wanted to have a little fun with the booth,” said Language I/O Co-Founder Kaarina Kvaavik. “We know we’ve got a great product and that in itself brings people over to chat, but it’s always nice to be able to give away some nice thank you gifts to those who truly take interest in your business.” 

Of course, the team couldn’t ramp up its party bag without adding a little catch: To put yourself in the running for one of the awesome Language I/O party favors, you have to stop by the Language I/O booth, booth six, and hang out for a second. Language I/O has more staff attending Oracle CX than ever before so there will be plenty of happy faces to chat with. Of course, the team loves talking about translation and how it reduces support costs, but they’re also well versed in most things tech, family and fun.  

While you’re at the booth, you might hear a little buzz about Language I/O’s newest product, Langauge I/O® Chat. With Language I/O® Chat, agents can chat with customers in real time in any language, directly within Oracle Service Cloud. How’s that for a multilingual customer service solution that increases CSAT scores while also saving on support costs? 

If you’d like one of our team members to demo our product for you at the conference, please contact Kvaavik at She or another team member will be absolutely thrilled to show you how easy it is to help customers using Langauge I/O®. 

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