What Effect Will 2019 Tech Trends Have on Call Centers?

January 17, 2019

arrows-2167828__340.jpgMultilingual customer support provider, Language I/O, aggregated numerous 2019 tech trend articles to show how 2019 tech and customer and expectations will impact call centers. This is the result. 

Customers Will Continue Wanting Everything

Two of the trends repeated over and over again are that customers want service at their fingertips immediately. In industry parlance, they want real-time help and omnichannel customer support options. To the customer service agent, this means doing more faster— potentially across new channels. To meet the customer’s need for immediate gratification, expect to see a rise in companies offering comprehensive self-help articles. Providing more service across multiple channels also means better training and for many call centers, the hiring of new staff, or investing in tech tools that can help meet consumer demand.

Customers Will Continue Seeking Empathy

No surprise here, but what does this mean for customer support agents? It means a few things. One, management will have to lead by example, providing training and support for agents that models their expectations for customer interactions. Two, customer service agents will need to feel good and supported at work. That means treating employees well, recognizing their humanity and providing workspaces that are good for mind, body and spirit. 2019 might just be the year that employee health reigns within the call center culture. 

Stay tuned and set your calendar notifications for a few weeks when we will post a guest blog that focuses on creating healthier call centers.  

Chatbots and AI Will Infiltrate, But Not Over Take

Ah, the chatbot and artificial intelligence (AI). If every call center had a nickel for each threat of a hostile takeover from both…

AI and chatbots have a lot of potential and certainly aren’t going away, but they absolutely cannot do what a support agent can do. Expect 2019 to bring more capabilities for both, but view them as a tool, not a ticket to the unemployment line. Support agents can expect to work side-by-side little bots named Maria and Suzie and Mike. They can expect these botty friends to help gather pieces of information for them. They can even expect them to free up a little time answering basic customer requests. They cannot expect them to replace the depth of understanding and direction an agent can provide. 

CRMs Will Continue Reducing Response Times

That’s right, the organization, record keeping and data mining that CRMs (customer relationship management systems) provide will help reduce response times. But…the need for omnichannel and often time multilingual customer support options might fight against the help CRMs provide if management isn’t committed to providing CRM tools that can help manage increasing customer desires for getting everything they need right this second. 

So, this is what’s coming down the 2019 pipeline according to Language I/O. What do you see for call centers?