Success Story: Shutterstock

Shutterstock is a leading, global technology company providing high-quality, licensed imagery and music to businesses, marketing agencies and media organizations.

Although based in the United States, Shutterstock has an international focus because its contributors and customers are from more than 100 countries.

From the start, Shutterstock planned to create a knowledge base to provide customers with support and an interactive Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section. Further, it hoped to extend its knowledge base to as many customers as possible no matter their preferred language.

Multilingual customer support in 5 easy steps

Traditionally, translation of support content has been a laborious, manual process that included a lot of file formatting and copying and pasting. Work order requests and other paperwork got passed back and forth between translation agencies and team members. When Shutterstock FAQ content wasn’t available in all of the languages it was trying to support, customers had to wait for support by calling or emailing. This didn’t result in the best customer experience early on.

"There was a [multilingual response] process. It was too manual and extremely painful. We definitely needed to find something to move things along quickly."

Shutterstock found Language I/O’s listing of the FAQ translation automation product on the Salesforce AppExchange. Since then, Shutterstock has integrated Language I/O software into its support strategy for both case translation and article translation and have been able to shave days off of its operational translation process. Shutterstock is today able to provide support in 20 languages and is able to easily assist its customers in lower traffic languages. So far it has used Language I/O to translate and maintain translations across 125 articles.

“The savings for us was more in terms of having a robust knowledge base, where customers can find answers themselves, which results in a better customer experience. If we’re able to provide a translated article to someone in Sweden … that person does not have to write to us to get a response, then [...] we’re not having to handle that email, and the customer is happier because he gets a response in real-time instead of having to wait for a response in a foreign language,“ said a Shutterstock representative. “We’ve become more efficient as a team, saving us hours of work and money too.”

Help self-help customers

As an added benefit of providing content to customers in multiple languages, Shutterstock is able to see what does and does not resonate with customers across different languages. It can then easily adjust the support and content for each country according to their needs.

“We’ll know an article may be super awesome for our English-speaking customers, but really confusing in all the European languages, just because the original English text was phrased in a way that was very American, for example,” the represetative added.