Salesforce Case Translation

Salesforce Case Translation: Lightning & Classic

Language I/O® Response for Salesforce allows your monolingual agents to respond to customers in any language inside Salesforce Cases as if they were native speakers. Check out our listing on the Salesforce appexchange as well! 


  • Plugs Directly into Salesforce Case Page Layouts
  • Need a Human Retranslation?
  • Combines Human and Machine Translation
  • Integrates with Article Translation Tools

Language I/O® Response is a Salesforce app that can be installed into your Case Page Layouts for the translation of case threads between the customer and agent languages.

The incoming customer question is machine translated from the customer's language into the agent's language and a "retranslate" option is available if a human translation is required.

Translation of the agent's response to the customer can be configured to default to rapid human or machine translation. Our machine translation engines are trained to use your product- and industry-specific vocabulary.

Translated responses can be brief when users leverage professionally translated articles via our Article Translation plugin.

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