Oracle Answer Translation

Oracle Service Cloud Answer/Article Translation

The Language I/O® Answer Workspace plugin for Oracle Service Cloud automates the professional human (or machine) translation of your knowledge base, incorporating translation memory, glossaries and automatic link rewriting. 


  • Plugs Directly Into the Answer Workspace
  • Your Translation Request is Sent to the Language I/O Server
  • Group Your Articles Into a Translation Project
  • We Remember What We Translated for You Previously
  • Glossaries Ensure Accurate Translation of Your Terminology
  • Translation Automatically Pushed Into Oracle Service Cloud with Localized Links

Language I/O® Help is an add-in for Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) that can be installed into your Answer Workspace for the professional, human (or machine) translation of your knowledge base. Just click the "translate" button!

Once you click on the translate button in your Answer Workspace, the Language I/O add-in will by default request that the answer be translated into all language interfaces installed in your instance of Oracle Service Cloud. Or you can manually select the target languages before you hit "send request."

After you have submitted all articles for translation (new or updated), you can login to the Language I/O portal and group the articles into a project.

When our server pulls the article content out of Oracle Service Cloud for translation, the content of each article is compared to our translation memory database to see which segments of the article we have already translated. We pull existing translations out of our database so you are only charged for translation of the new content!

Terms specific to your product can get mistranslated if the linguists aren't provided with guidance. Before we kick-off a translation project, we make sure our linguists are using not only your translation memory from previous translation projects, but also that they're using an approved translation of your product names and tricky terminology.

If all we did was translate the content and push it back in, links to images, related articles and other websites would still link out to English content. We have customer-specific rules that allow Language I/O to automate the re-writing of these links so, as shown below, a Japanese article is puling in a Japanese screenshot.


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