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Multilingual Customer Support 

Any Language, Anywhere

FB_ad_icon_SOCI2.jpgSave up to 40 percent on customer service costs with our multilingual customer support tools for chat, article, email and social translation. Each of these customer service tools allows monolingual customer service agents to speak more than 150 languages with the click of a button. Our chat translation, email translation, article translation and social translation tools work within CRM (customer relationship management) systems including Salesforce Service Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud and Zendesk, Inc. 

“Being able to talk to our customers in any language 24/7 has been a game changer,” said Lisa Zobrist, Castlight Health’s former director of user support, about using Language I/O Chat. “Mobile customers want immediate answers to their queries—they don’t want to wait for us to hire a translator before they get help. Language I/O Chat is fast, accurate and easy to use.” 

Castlight Health is one of several multinational companies using Language I/O for email, chat, article and social translation. Our clients choose us over competing brands because our software:

  • Integrates with five different machine translation engines
  • Let's you use human professional or machine translation for articles
  • Automatically trains machine translations to use customer specific glossaries
  • Allows agents to choose human professional translations or machine translation on a ticket-by-ticket basis
  • Encrypts personal data
  • Allows for selective translation so only a portion of a ticket or chat is translated
  • Uses professionally pre-translated templates and auto-responders to reduce cost and improve quality

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