Customer support. Any language. Anywhere.

Your customers have spoken. 74% of buyers are more likely to purchase your product if you provide support in their language.

Providing multilingual customer support can get expensive, right?

This used to be the case, but Language I/O has made multilingual customer service not only possible, but affordable and simple. We embed the tools your agents need right inside Salesforce Service Cloud, Oracle Service Cloud (RightNow) and Zendesk, Inc. so agents can provide article translation, email translation and chat translation quickly, simply and at a minimal cost.

After six months of using Google Translate to help its customer service agents communicate with non-English speaking customers, Brave’s head of customer service knew it was time to find a new solution.

"The ability for our English-speaking, Santa Barbara-based, customer service reps to help people in mainland China relatively quickly was a fantastic addition to our contract with Language I/O."

In 2015, the customer service team at fintech company, Taulia, was tasked with a challenge: Find a way to provide multilingual customer support to customers.

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Need a multilingual customer service team?

Language I/O:

  • Works within Oracle Service Cloud, Salesforce Service Cloud and Zendesk
  • Provides a combination of intelligent machine and professional human translations
  • Automates chat, email/case and article translations
  • Supports over 150 languages
  • Saves over 40% on customer support costs
  • Allows 72% of our customers to forgo hiring additional support staff
  • Provides top tier security by using encryption to protect customer data