PhotoBox: We’ve Never Found a Company that Offers what Language I/O Offers

PhotoBox is Europe’s leading personalization brand helping more than 20 million customers in 15 markets capture, preserve and share their memories together. When you’re serving that many customers in that many markets, translation quickly becomes an in issue. In 2014, after participating in a Language I/O webinar, PhotoBox’s customer team decided to give Language I/O a […]

Brave Praises Language I/O’s Non-Silicon Valley Approach to Customer Service

Private secure browser, Brave, started looking for multilingual customer support providers that could not only providing outstanding support within Zendesk, but would also provide customer service that was a bit more personal than the Silicon Valley approach to customer service.  After six months of using Google Translate to help its customer service agents communicate with non-English […]

FinTech Firm Praises Quality of Language I/O Customer Service and Translations

In 2015, the customer service team at FinTech company, Taulia, was tasked with a challenge: Find a way to provide multilingual customer support to customers. Taulia had recently moved to the Salesforce Service Cloud customer service management (CRM) system and needed to make sure that when its French, German and Spanish speaking customers contacted Taulia for support, the […]

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Constant Contact Translated Article Views Up 550% After Using Language I/O

When online marketing provider, Constant Contact, wanted to branch into international markets, deciding how to provide multilingual customer support to customers was a critical component of its globalization strategy.  “When we first started with translations, we knew that we wanted to provide multilingual customer service without investing a lot of money into hiring new agents,” said […]