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Unlocking Global Accessibility: How Automatic Translation Enhances Support and Empowers Customers

It’s becoming increasingly clear, especially now with advancements in AI and communications, that customer service can be a major revenue driver for businesses. Good customer service can help brands retain loyal customers and bring in new ones. On the flip side, poor customer service puts $3.7 trillion annually in sales at risk.  In spite of […]
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Get More People on Vacation With AI-Powered Translations

People love vacationing. Whether it’s a weekend getaway to the nearest big city or a month-long cross-country excursion, the desire to explore, unwind and create lasting memories is something connecting us all. Another connection? The challenge of planning a trip, especially one requiring a passport. Although planning international travel can sometimes include roadblocks like language […]
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The Way-Back Machine for Women

By: Sheridan Orr, CMO at Language I/O My first tech conference was in Silicon Valley in the late nineties when Blackberries were the height of personal tech, carrying your laptop counted as a workout, and open-source code was a terrifying prospect for enterprises. That was pre-dot.bomb and tech was a heady place despite how painfully […]

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Traveler communicating through phone chat

The Role of AI in Travel Industry Communication

AI: Revolutionizing communication in the travel industry The travel industry thrives on connecting people across geographical and cultural boundaries, but one critical aspect of that connection remains a hurdle: communication. Effective communication conveys information, emotions and nuances accurately, but those important subtleties are often lost in translation.  The transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) and […]

Introducing Translation Optimization: Enhancing Multilingual Support Conversations With AI

By Andy Newlin, Director of Product Marketing In today’s global landscape, businesses interact with customers from diverse linguistic backgrounds more than ever before. This is one reason we see 88% of support teams offering multilingual support (Intercom). However, maintaining the quality of these interactions across all the languages your organization supports presents significant challenges. At […]