AI-powered machine translation software that amplifies your brand

Level-up your global customer support with unmatched translation quality and security.

AI-powered machine translation software that amplifies your brand

Level-up your global customer support with unmatched translation quality and security.

The combined power of ten real-time translation engines, customized for your business

We layer our proprietary AI on top of the best translation engines in the world, and then let them compete to return the highest-quality result for your request.

SMART Model Selection

We evaluate each translation request and automatically determine the best model for the language pair and content.

Context Awareness

Company-specific terms and phrases are intelligently identified for fast and accurate translation.

Real-time Quality Assessment

Our Translation Quality Estimation AI scores and continuously improves the quality of results for each client.

Model Failover

Even engines like Google go down, and when they do, we don’t skip a beat – you receive a translation, every time.

Secure machine translation is always our #1 priority

Customers trust you with their sensitive information, and we deliver unparalleled protection as part of our commitment to a privacy-centric digital ecosystem.

In-Transit PII Protection

Sensitive data is encrypted before being translated, ensuring that your customer data is kept private.

Strict MT Engine Requirements

We only integrate with MT engines that agree in writing to not store any content that is passed to them for translation.

Zero Data Retention

No content remains in our system or any sub-processors. We provide you with the protection of a Zero Trace environment.

ISO 27001 Certified

We are independently audited to ensure systems and processes are in place to adequately protect PII.

Automatic translations across all of your support channels

Live Chat

Instantly translate incoming and outgoing chat messages with customers. Read more about live chat translation.

Email and Support Tickets

Translate emails instantly and resolve customer tickets without depending on a multilingual team. More about email and ticket translation.

Knowledge Base & FAQ Article

Provide self-service support articles in any language. See how we help with article translation.


Turn your chatbot into a polyglot bot to provide 24/7 multilingual support. More about chatbot translation.

And anywhere else you need enterprise-grade translations

Machine Translation Portal

Empower any employee to translate content in a way that adheres to your security policies and uses company-specific terminology.

Chrome Extension

Provide convenient access for employees across your organization to your secure, company-specific AI translation utility with our translate extension for Google Chrome.

Translation API

Build real-time translation into any of your custom apps with the simplicity of a single API packed with more functionality than the leading 10 engines combined. More about our machine translation API.

Complete with the tools to track ROI

Use our live dashboards to view your translation data, monitor usage, make informed decisions, and calculate ROI.

Step 1

Detect and mask personal data

Upon receiving a request in a language the agent doesn’t speak, the agent selects the “Translate” button located within their CRM’s chat window.

Step 2

Detect and mask personal data

Before doing anything else, we scan the message for personal data. Any personally identifiable information (PII) found in the content is encrypted before being translated, ensuring that data is kept secure.

Step 3

Personalization via glossary imposition

With personal data masked, our technology will once again scan the content, this time with the intent of consulting a customizable glossary that dictates how specific terms (such as brand- and industry-specific jargon) should be translated.

In the shown example, this process prevents “apple pencil” from being translated literally into “pomme crayon.”

Step 4

Automatic best translation engine selection

Using AI and machine learning, Language I/O evaluates the translation request and, based on the languages involved in the translation, automatically determines the best engine for the content.

Step 5

Deliver translation

With the best engine selected and glossary terms imposed, Language I/O then generates an accurate translation that is personalized for the brand providing customer service.

And of course, all of this happens in a matter of milliseconds.


where brands operate


Language Pairs
used Regularly


Translations performed

Engage with global customers, wherever you work

Language I/O seamlessly integrates with your CRM, whether it is Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow or Oracle, so there is little impact on your agent’s current workflows. Don’t use any of these platforms? We also provide a Chrome Extension for anywhere you browse, and an API for anywhere you build.

The ease of our integrations means that you can be up and running in less than a day. That’s why we’ve been recognized on G2 as having the easiest setup.

Machine translation FAQs

Have a question about machine translation software? See what others have asked below, and if you don’t see your question on the list, please reach out to us for help!

What is real-time translation?

Real-time translation refers to technology that gives you the ability to automatically translate content from one language to another. It is most commonly used in scenarios where communications are being sent back and forth in quick succession, such as in chat messages and emails.

How does real-time translation work?

Real-time translation is driven by neural machine translation (NMT) technology. At Language I/O, we aggregate the world’s leading NMT engines and dynamically select the most accurate one for the language pair involved in the translation.

How accurate is translation software?

With the right technology in place, machine translation software is highly accurate. By automatically selecting the best possible NMT engine for each translation request and then applying our self-improving glossary of brand- and industry-specific terminology, Language I/O’s translations deliver the highest standard of machine translation to our customers.

What is machine translation software?

Machine Translation Software uses artificial intelligence and natural language processing techniques to analyze and then translate text from one language to another.