Support your customers as they explore the world

With Language I/O  you can…

Boost CSAT and NPS

Enable your top-performers to support any customer without language restrictions

Increase occupancy across the whole team

Allocate multilingual tickets to any member of the team

Shorten customer wait times

Customers don’t have to wait for someone who speaks their language

Extend global support hours

On-the-clock agents in one timezone can step in for those in another

Spend less time hiring and training

Use your existing team to support new markets

“Language I/O is convenient for any multinational company supporting customers in different languages. Before, we struggled to support customers when we had a shortage of representatives who speak a customer’s language.”

— James Blackwood, Head of Eurostar Contact Centre, UK

Integrate in less than a day

Language I/O seamlessly integrates with Salesforce, Zendesk, ServiceNow, and Oracle. Plus, we have a secure, easy-to-use API.  The ease of integration means you can be up and running in less than a day.  In fact, we’ve been recognized by G2 as having the easiest integration of any language platform.

Effortlessly generate high quality, secure translations

Protect and secure customers and their data

We are recognized as the most secure language platform in the space. We take that seriously. Not only do we encrypt personal and sensitive information during the conversation, but adhere strictly to a Zero Data Retention policy. 

Serve more markets, improve the experience, and reduce costs

With Language I/O you can support more languages while improving satisfaction and decreasing costs. Let us show you how.

Easy to integrate where you work

Optimize customer support operations without impacting your agents’ workflows