Power-up your 24/7 support with chatbot translation

Translate both rules-based and AI chatbot conversations

Tune translations to your brand

Our self-improving glossary customizes each multilingual conversation to your brand. Industry- and company-specific terms are translated accurately, keeping things clear for customers and agents alike.

Automatic language detection

No need to spend time figuring out which language your customer is chatting in. Plus, language re-detection is available for changes to language mid-conversation.

Performance tracking and reporting

Use via our powerful customer dashboard to stay on top of translation usage, translation quality, and explore data on customers’ language usage

Install and get started in 24 hours

Our turnkey integrations with major CRMs and powerful API enable your team to start translating within 24 hours.

Secure, on-brand translations, for any chatbot

Language I/O’s turnkey solutions for Salesforce Einstein, Zendesk Answer Bot, and Oracle enable you to begin translating chatbot messages in as quickly as 24 hours. And for any other chatbot software, we have an API to power real-time translation in your preferred platform.

Provide industry-leading customer support experiences

Our chatbot language translation software delivers top-tier translations across a wide variety of industries.

Retail and Ecommerce

Shoppers with questions about returns & exchanges, shipping, and other store policies don’t want to wait for an agent with proficiency in their language to be available. Provide 24/7 chatbot translation regardless of the languages your shoppers speak.

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Travel and Hospitality

Having a multilingual chatbot in place lets you triage incoming travel requests from around the world. Let your chatbot answer global travelers’ easy-to-answer questions so your agents can focus on the most pressing issues and ensure a smooth trip.

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Software and Tech

Your technology is complex, but providing multilingual chatbot support doesn’t have to be. With our self-improving glossary, your chatbot can easily understand and translate highly technical jargon, including product names and acronyms.

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Chatbot language translation lets you provide multilingual support that doesn’t have a cooldown. Get your player base back in the game as quickly as possible by having a virtual agent always there to troubleshoot issues.

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Entertainment and Media

Language I/O’s technology makes it easy for agents to respond to queries in any language, getting your customers back to their favorite TV, music, or sports in no time.

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Language I/O’s technology provides best-in-class translations over real-time channels like chat and email, so your global customers always know they’re in good hands.

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Chatbot translation FAQs

Have a question about chatbot translation software? See what others have asked below, and if you don’t see your question on the list, please reach out to us for help!

What is chatbot translation software?

Chatbot translation software is technology that translates messages sent to and from a chatbot. This technology enables customer service, sales, and marketing teams to deploy chatbots that can communicate with customers and prospects in more than 150 languages.

Does chatbot translation software work for rules-based chatbots?

Yes, brands can plug our translation software into their rules-based chatbot and use it to generate a translation of the script used by the bot.

Does chatbot translation software work for AI chatbots?

Yes, our chatbot translation software works with AI chatbots. In fact, because most of the available machine learning data that influences chatbots consists purely or entirely of English content, using chatbot translation software is, for many brands, the only feasible way to adequately translate messages to and from a chatbot into another language.

What kind of quality can brands expect from chatbot translation software?

With the right technology in place, chatbot language translation software can provide a near-fluent experience for the customer. Thankfully, Language I/O has the right technology. Our software aggregates the world’s leading machine translation engines and applies our AI-enabled technology on top of it to identify the absolute best translation for each piece of content that hits our servers––all in real time. By imposing our customizable self-improving glossary on each translation, we then take that content and ensure the proper translation for otherwise tricky terminology, including slang, business- or industry-specific jargon, acronyms, and misspellings.

How much does Language I/O’s chatbot translation software cost?

Language I/O offers various packages that cater to the requirements of small businesses and global enterprise companies. Our pricing model is transparent and straightforward; we only charge our customers for the words that have been translated by our software. Additionally, we do not have any setup costs or fees per user. If you need more information on our pricing structure, please feel free to contact us.