How Balsam Brands provides high-quality and near-native support in France and Germany, while significantly reducing costs

Global ecommerce retailer combats attrition and seasonal volume fluctuations in luxury markets while improving CSAT and efficiency.

How Rainbow Railroad handles 5x volumes in 5 languages with no drop in quality

Global nonprofit expanded support in 5 languages and streamlined process amid 5x volumes while maintaining key metrics.

How Intralinks builds trust with global users in 14+ languages without compromising on quality and security

Fintech leader expanded support in 14+ languages without compromising on security and award-winning customer service.

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How Eurostar Improved Support Efficiency without Increasing Personnel Costs

European travel giant resolved the shortage of French- and Dutch-speaking agents and improved wait times for customers.

How Shutterstock Eliminated Manual Processes and Scaled Multilingual Support Across 20+ Languages

Leading stock photography provider streamlined and scaled translation of support articles in 20+ languages.