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  • Efficiency Meets Effectiveness: Harnessing Automatic Translation to Provide Proactive Support

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    Efficiency Meets Effectiveness: Harnessing Automatic Translation to Provide Proactive Support

    Customer support has long been seen as a reactive function. Customer comes to a brand with a problem, the brand solves that problem, and all’s well, right? However, in the age of omnichannel communication, reactive customer service is no longer enough.  The customer journey is sprawled out across multiple digital and offline touchpoints. Today’s customer…

Supercharge your Salesforce experience with AI

Unlock the full potential of Salesforce to amplify the impact and get that strategic advantage you need to edge out your competitors. All you need are AI tools that will keep your productivity soaring and your costs low.
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Unlocking Global Accessibility: How Automatic Translation Enhances Support and Empowers Customers

It’s becoming increasingly clear, especially now with advancements in AI and communications, that customer service can be a major revenue driver for businesses. Good customer service can help brands retain loyal customers and bring in new ones. On the flip side, poor customer service puts $3.7 trillion annually in sales at risk.  In spite of […]

How Intralinks builds trust with global users in 14+ languages without compromising on quality and security

Intralinks is a leading provider of market-specific solutions to enable secure and controlled sharing of confidential and highly sensitive documents across enterprise organizations globally. They offer highly specialized content collaboration solutions in the financial technology space, specifically focusing on global banking, dealmaking and capital markets communities. Intralinks supports over 10,000 merger and acquisition deals per […]

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Get More People on Vacation With AI-Powered Translations

People love vacationing. Whether it’s a weekend getaway to the nearest big city or a month-long cross-country excursion, the desire to explore, unwind and create lasting memories is something connecting us all. Another connection? The challenge of planning a trip, especially one requiring a passport. Although planning international travel can sometimes include roadblocks like language […]

The language of innovation

Unpack the top priorities of digital transformation, why innovation starts with optimizing customer experience and making real-time translation a seamless strategy.