Learn about Our Translation Solution for the Gaming Industry – Join our Webinar – on May 27, 2021

On May 27, come learn more about the importance of engaging with customers in their native languages with  Language I/O and CustomerThink during our free webinar.

You’ll hear from representatives from one of the largest video conferencing companies in the world as they explain how Language I/O’s technology has helped resolve their customers and support agents’ miscommunications and translation issues in numerous languages.

Language I/O, Leader in the Translation of User Generated Content

As you may know, traditional machine translation engines cannot account for context, abbreviations, misspellings, jargon or slang, also known as User Generated Content (UGC). Language I/O is leading the market in providing top-notch language technology with the most accurate translation of UGC.

The Importance of Localization in the Gaming Industry

Following this case study, the webinar will feature machine learning expert and CEO of Language I/O, Heather Morgan Shoemaker, as well as gaming specialist and VP of Learning at Nimdzi, Belén Agulló García. Shoemaker and García will present “User Generated Content for Player Support in the Gaming Industry”, a study recently commissioned by Language I/O about the need for localization in the gaming industry. Indeed, localization and proper translation of gaming terms is paramount for the gaming industry as 45% of the sector’s total revenues come from international sales.

Why Should You Attend our Webinar?

Join us if you want to:

• provide high-quality translation to your support teams and customers

• lower your company’s cost of translation

• protect your customers’ data through highly encrypted system

On Thursday, May 27, join us from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. mountain standard time for the CustomerThink and Language I/O webinar to learn about our unique and high performing multilingual customer support solutions.

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