Multilingual customer support with Oracle Service Cloud chat translation

How Oracle Service Cloud chat translation works

Language I/O is intuitive, and it’s built with support agents in mind. We built our Oracle chat solution to be a seamless part of your workflow.

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Get started with Oracle Service Cloud chat translation

Communicate with your customers in their native language with our easy-to-integrate Oracle Service Cloud chat translation technology.

Get the biggest bang for your buck by using our proprietary core technology.

Normalize user-generated content so misspellings and abbreviations are accurately translated.

Ensure that your customer data is protected.

Communicate with customers in real-time, in over 155 languages.

Secure, customized translations inside Oracle

Plug our comprehensive multilingual support tools into your Oracle environment, available in the BUI extension or the Desktop App.

Tune translations to your brand

Our self-improving glossary customizes each multilingual conversation to your brand. Industry- and company-specific terms are translated accurately, keeping things clear for customers and agents alike.

Support customers in more than 150 languages

By communicating with customers in their native language, agents can provide a world-class support experience. We generate accurate solutions for obscure and commonly difficult-to-translate languages, and we don’t require English to be the source or target language for translations.

Conversations powered by the world’s best technology

Language I/O’s aggregation layer consists of the world’s best neural machine translation (NMT) engines. When a translation request hits our server, our technology automatically detects the best NMT engine for the content based on the involved languages and use case.

Security that keeps customers protected

We are committed to protecting customer data, and our GDPR-compliant and ISO 27001-certified software reflects that. We encrypt customer data prior to sending content for translation, and we never store personally identifiable information (PII) in our log files or database.

Maximize your investment in Oracle with real-time translation

Connect with customers in any language, over the support channels your agents already use. Language I/O’s Oracle Service Cloud translation apps enable your brand to communicate with global customers in any language without the need to hire and train additional agents.


Get customers the answers they need, fast. Instantly translate incoming and outgoing chat messages with the click of a button.


Speaking your customers’ language enables agents to resolve issues quickly, helping to clear ticket queues faster.

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Empower global customers to answer their own questions quickly by providing FAQ and knowledge base articles in their language.

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