Our Experts

Viviana Bertinetto

CCO, Language I/O

Anna Murafa

Sr Manager of CX Operations, Shutterstock

Ready for Retail 2.0?

Communicating with your customer in their preferred language is the first step to elevating your customer service and helping your customer feel at home — and it’s also one of the most effective ways to leverage AI to earn shopper trust and loyalty around the world. 

In this webinar, Anna Murafa, Senior Manager of CX Operations at Shutterstock, and Viviana Bertinetto, CCO at Language I/O, discuss the power of breaking linguistic barriers to truly connect, deepen mutual understanding and foster relationships across diverse demographics.

We’ll tell you all about:

  • How a cutting-edge blend of chat and AI technologies is redefining the way brands and retailers communicate with customers
  • Crafting personalized, smooth and engaging customer experiences that foster loyalty and repeat business — while ensuring that your customer data is protected
  • Best practices and strategies to implement AI-driven chat solutions to boost customer loyalty and expand to new markets swiftly and economically
  • Deeper insights from successful real-world implementations that enhanced multilingual support while optimizing costs

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