People on vacation standing on mountain by the ocean.

Get More People on Vacation With AI-Powered Translations

People love vacationing. Whether it’s a weekend getaway to the nearest big city or a month-long cross-country excursion, the desire to explore, unwind and create lasting memories is something connecting us all. Another connection? The challenge of planning a trip, especially one requiring a passport. Although planning international travel can sometimes include roadblocks like language […]
Traveler communicating through phone chat

The Role of AI in Travel Industry Communication

AI: Revolutionizing communication in the travel industry The travel industry thrives on connecting people across geographical and cultural boundaries, but one critical aspect of that connection remains a hurdle: communication. Effective communication conveys information, emotions and nuances accurately, but those important subtleties are often lost in translation.  The transformative power of artificial intelligence (AI) and […]

Not All AI Engines Are Created Equally

By Heather Shoemaker, founder and CEO of Language I/O People speak over 7,000 languages globally, and translating with precision from one to another requires context and attention to detail. AI-powered language translation has surged recently, but not all AI engines operate to the same standards.  While generic machine translation models fail to capture the nuances […]

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Chatbot Robot

The Evolution of Chatbots and Customer Experience: What’s Next?

By Viviana Bertinetto, Chief Customer Officer at Language I/O Chatbots have come a long way since their initial emergence as unsophisticated tools with limited utility. Early chatbots were strictly rules-based systems relying on messy keyword searches and scripted responses that rarely offered value to customers. However, after years of refinement driven by advancing AI and […]

Customer Contact Week Amsterdam: Ted’s Musings on Gen AI & Multilingual Capabilities

Ted Treanor, VP Strategic Accounts, Language I/O Last month I was fortunate enough to attend the Customer Contact Week (CCW) conference in Amsterdam. Maybe it was the unusually warm weather, the historic city, or the excellent Dutch food that made this event such a good time, but I think one of the more memorable aspects […]