5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Language I/O Blasts Off in Q1 and Q2

As one of the leading providers of multilingual customer support translation software, we’ve had a stellar year, and it’s not even done yet! Seeing as we’re half-way through we wanted to count down some of our biggest achievements in the last two quarters.

                       5 – New hires in Q1 & Q2, and more to come!

                       4 – New very well-known customers in Q2.

                       3 – Times revenue in Q1 of 2017 vs. Q1 of 2016.

                       2 – Conferences where we both attended and exhibited.

                       1 – Brand new product, Language I/O Chat.

Our team is growing, as is our customer base, and we’re more excited than ever to get Language I/O products out into the world. While it’s always good to celebrate success, our eyes are firmly set on achieving even more in the next two quarters. If you’re in need of multilingual customer service, please give us a call. In an increasingly connected world, we can help you reach customers in any language while saving on support costs.