Can Language I/O Help With Your COVID-19 Communications?

At Language I/O, we understand firsthand that the recent health crisis is forcing companies to rethink how business is done and how communications occur with employees, customers and partners worldwide. Language I/O is fortunate because its employees have been working remotely at varying levels since the company’s inception. Because of this, Language I/O have the infrastructure in place to remain open during these uncertain times.

Additionally, Language I/O has the technology that can help you and your business stay open and communicate in any language, quickly and appropriately regarding your plans for changing business operations. Specifically, Language I/O technology can:

  • Help you translate online communications such as emails and chats to best help your customers understand how you will be helping them during this time
  • Help you develop effective, perfectly translated website communications that have the right tone and messaging for your audience
  • Help you provide internal guidelines regarding safety procedures and policy changes to your employees, in their language

Language I/O was founded by Heather Morgan Shoemaker and Kaarina Kvaavik specifically to help bridge the gap that language differences can create. If there’s anything we can do to help you, please let us know. Any COVID-19 communications that you need translated will be provided at a reduced rate.

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