How Language I/O Machine Translation Surpasses Competitors

Even if you sort of speak a second language, entering a sentence into a machine translation product such as Google Translate is a painful lesson in how inaccurate machine translation can be.

Machine translation doesn’t have to be inaccurate. In fact, Language I/O has found a clever way to maximize its accuracy so agents delivering multilingual customer support can provide customers with spot on advice in their language.

Language I/O offers a unique combination of machine and human professional translation. If a client chooses to use machine translation, Language I/O works with numerous different machine translation engines to ensure that client gets the best translation for the language they need. Some engines are best used for Japanese for example, while others are best used for Spanish. Language I/O detects which engine works the best for which language pair. 

This use of machine translation is unique to Language I/O. Language I/O customers love it because it increases translation quality in a cost-effective manner.