How Language I/O Response and Language I/O Help Saved Customers Time and Money

See how two of Language I/O’s longest standing Oracle Service Cloud customers, PhotoBox and Cable ONE, saved time and money using Language I/O’s multilingual customer support solution.

The PhotoBox Experience

As Europe’s leading personalized product and photo print company with a presence in 19 countries, PhotoBox needed a cost effective, efficient, accurate way to seamlessly provide outstanding customer service in multiple languages within its existing service strategy and platform.

When customer support agents were on holiday or sick leave, PhotoBox was faced with the challenge of responding to customer queries in their native languages. It was forced to either request overtime from outsourced suppliers or respond to customers in a second language.

PhotoBox reached out to traditional translation suppliers, but none could adequately provide support for all of its customers’ languages and the company was faced with figuring out how to input translations into its existing platform.

“When Language I/O came up as an option and was explored, it seemed to tick off a couple of boxes straight away in that it supported all of the languages that we support and had a solution that tied into Oracle Service Cloud,” said Chris Gallimore, Customer Support Operations manager, PhotoBox.

Language I/O Response easily fit into Oracle Service Cloud, the customer service relationship (CRM) platform PhotoBox was already using. Combining both machine and rapid human translation, Language I/O allowed the PhotoBox support agents to respond to customer emails quickly and in their preferred language. During the 2014 Christmas peak, PhotoBox received more than 1,000 emails. Using Language I/O Response, agents responded to those emails without any delay or negative impact on customer satisfaction.

Together, PhotoBox and Language I/O are able to successfully support customers in 11 languages. 

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The Cable ONE Story

Several years ago, Cable ONE, an all-inclusive provider of cable TV, Internet and phone services in 19 different states, realized it was missing the opportunity to engage with its local, Spanish speaking communities. This was a huge miss considering that 80 percent of the population in some of its communities is primarily Spanish-speaking. 

After much discussion, Cable ONE decided that the only affordable route to engage with the Spanish-speaking community was to provide its online, self-help articles in Spanish. 

Through a mutual contact, the company was introduced to Language I/O and its solution, Language I/O Help for Oracle Service Cloud. Instead of having to manually export each support article for translation and then import the Spanish version—also manually—Language I/O Help could completely automate and streamline the translation and export/import process.

After a flawless Language I/O integration, and no translation errors identified to date, Cable ONE implicitly trusts Language I/O. 

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