How to Improve Customer Service KPIs Without Hiring Additional Agents

There is a world in which customer service managers can forgo hiring additional support agents while also improving overall KPIs without relying on bots. That world is headquartered in Cheyenne, Wyoming.

According to the results of a customer survey Language I/O released in December 2018, 72 percent of companies that use Language I/O software forgo hiring additional multilingual support staff after implementing Language I/O software.

“While our intention has always been to improve customer service KPIs, we were delighted to see how few of our customers hire additional support agents after using our software,” said Language I/O Co-CEO Kaarina Kvaavik. “This is thrilling news for us because it means that the solutions we provide are as effective as we designed them to be.”

The 2018 Language I/O customer survey also indicated that Language I/O’s translation solution for chat, email, article and social inside of Zendesk, Oracle and Salesforce:

  • Saved customers an average of 40 percent on customer support costs
  • Increased NPS
  • Decreased response times
  • Decreased hold times

Language I/O’s software suite plugs into Zendesk, Salesforce and Oracle so that customer support agents can communicate with customers over email, chat, article and social translation in more than 150 languages. Customers such as LinkedIn, Constant Contact, PhotoBox, Shutterstock and iRobot choose Language I/O because of its unique solution. No other provider of multilingual customer support software uses a combination of up to six machine translation engines and professional human translators to provide customer support translations in over 150 languages.

Language I/O was recently nominated by Customer Contact Week (CCW) as a finalist for the “Disruptive Technology of the Year” category. For more information about Language I/O or its solutions for chat, email, or article translation, please click here or join us at booth 718 at CCW Vegas next week!