How to Use Zendesk for Customer Service

Using Zendesk for customer service could not be simpler. We know because we’ve been a Zendesk partner for many, many years and we are used to customers consistently telling us how easy Zendesk is to use.  

Know Your Priorities

As with any CRM search, know what you want from Zendesk before signing up. Are you looking for email support or do you need chat as well? What are your security requirements? How many team members will be using Zendesk? What level of customer support do you expect?

Familiarize Yourself with the Marketplace

Zendesk has a plethora of incredible apps on its marketplace. In 2020, who of us would have dissolved without Slack, Shopify, or CloudTalk? Zendesk apps are easy to find and easy to understand. Supplementing Zendesk’s already easy-to-use platform with outstanding technology is always a win.

Consider Where Your Business is Headed

This goes hand in hand with knowing your priorities. What’s your plan? Where’s your business headed? If you end up jumping over a pond or a border, we can help you provide multilingual customer support to each and every one of your customers. For more information, click here. Otherwise, best of luck on your Zendesk adventure!