Language I/O – 5Ws and an H

Say you live in China or India or Argentina. Does 5Ws and an H mean anything to you? Heck, you could live in Indiana, or Colorado, or Texas and still have no idea. 

Misunderstanding language and the nuances of it is not a Chinese or Indianan thing. It’s a global thing so let’s clarify. 5Ws and an H or — who, what, when, where, why and sometimes how — are the cornerstone of journalistic writing.

Our world is multilingual and if you’re a business wanting to succeed in it, you must speak every language your customers speak. In Spanish, it means explaining yourself in two Qs (quién, que), a D (dónde), two Cs (cuando, como), and a P (por qué). Not so difficult if you have ten customers who speak English and Spanish and a bilingual customer service team of four.

HUGE problem if you have multiple customers in multiple countries speaking multiple languages and an English speaking support team.

So what if you’re a start up and can’t afford 50 translations for your web content? Or maybe you’re a multinational and providing a customer service team in 100 languages would mean bankruptcy.  

This presents a problem because 74 percent of buyers are more likely to purchase your product if you provide support in their language. So if you want customers, you’ve got to speak to them in their language. Thankfully, this is a problem with an effective, affordable solution.  

Our software integrates with customer relationship management (CRM)s technologies so companies don’t have to pay translators or native speaking support staff to translate emails or web content. Language I/O can translate all of your FAQs into every one of the languages your customers speak. It can also translate questions emailed to your support staff in that employee’s native language. The employee can answer the question in their language, translate it to the language the question was asked in and — with the click of a button — can send it to the customer in the customer’s language. Viola.

The translations are a combination of human and machine translations. They are effective, fast, accurate and unique. In fact, there are no other products in the market that successfully combine human and machine translation within CRM platforms. In addition to helping our clients communicate with customers via outstanding translations, we’ve made it as easy as possible for them to use the software by partnering with two of the country’s largest CRM providers — Salesforce and Oracle.

We love that we’ve developed a way to save companies time, money, and customer relationships. Just ask SurveyMonkey who said, “Language I/O made our organization more efficient, has reduced our time to market and has already saved us tens of thousands of dollars.”

We’d love to help you help your customers.