Language I/O Complies with the GDPR Further Protecting Client Data

Language I/O is now EU GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant, a designation that ensures Language I/O maintains the highest security standards for all of its clients.  

“Protecting information, personal or otherwise, is a core value at Language I/O, so naturally we loved the opportunity to dive into complying with the GDPR,” said Matt Cook, Language I/O data protection officer. 

To comply with GDPR, Language I/O performed the required Data Protection Impact Assessments on each of its products. The assessments help businesses assess and mitigate privacy risks with data processing activities. This is particularly relevant when businesses are looking at new data processing systems.  

“While we performed the Data Protection Impact Assessments on all of our products, we even identified ways we could provide additional functionality to our customers, which we think is a bonus,” Cook said. “We’ve added additional encryption so that any potential information a company’s customer may send via a support ticket is blanked out before it’s sent for human translation.” 

As a provider of multilingual customer support software for several international companies, it’s critical that Language I/O comply with these standards.  

The GDPR was passed two years ago in an effort to increase privacy protections. Companies that do business with participating companies risk fines of 4 percent of total global revenue or €20 million, whichever is greater, for not complying. GDPR regulations went into effect today, Friday, May 25.