Language I/O Featured on CRMXchange for Multilingual Customer Support

Multilingual customer service software provider, Language I/O, was recently featured on the CRMXchange as one of the leading companies in the localization and translation software industry. 

In the article, Language I/O Co-Founder Kaarina Kvaavik talks about why all multinational businesses need multilingual customer support for chat, email and article translation.

“With 74 percent of customers more likely to purchase a product if support is provided in their language, providing multilingual customer support isn’t a nice-to-have, it’s a must-have,” Kvaavik said. “Yet even though businesses know customers want multilingual customer support, providing it is one of the biggest challenges businesses face when they go global. Why? Because multilingual customer support is expensive. Providing one full-time support agent to speak one language can cost up to $40,000 a year.”

Language I/O’s software solves this problem by using an effective, unique combination of professional human and machine translation. This has saved customers such as LinkedIn, Shutterstock, iRobot and SurveyMonkey more than 40 percent on customer support costs. 

For more information about Language I/O or to read the article, click here.