Language I/O Makes Magic for Wizards of the Coast

In business, does anything feel better than customer satisfaction? The attaboys from our clients get us up and out of bed every morning and are the reason we keep adding benefits to our translation and localization product. They’re also the reason for the many virtual high fives we give each other throughout the week. It just feels so good to know that we’re doing what we intended to do, which is help businesses communicate with their customers in their customers’ language. 

Not long ago, we spoke with one of our clients, Wizards of the Coast, which is a science fiction and fantasy-based developer and publisher of games and subsidiary of Hasbro, about their time with Language I/O. Wizards of the Coast has almost 6,000 employees located in 40 offices around the world and is well known internationally for several of its brands including Dungeons and Dragons and Magic the Gathering, the first and most widely played Trading Card Game (TCG) out there.

They said working with us gave them confidence and that our solution was speedy and intuitive. Wizards has customers all over the world and frequently needs various content translated for them so they can carry on enjoying the heck out of their product. Wizards of the Coast is happy because when they use our translations, their customers are happy. Their customers get speedy, accurate help and the vessel for that help—Language I/O—is easy for companies using customer relationships management systems (CRMs) like Oracle and Salesforce. 

If we can help you make your customers happy, contact us.